Becoming a Partner is Rewarding and Simple

7G Network’s cost structure is easy to understand and our service sells itself. To activate a new customer, either contact us at or complete this brief Online Form, and we’ll email you upon activation. To make things even more lucrative for you, we’ll provide you with a unique Agent ID that any new customer can enter, when they sign up for services through our automated ordering process.

Why Choose 7G Network

Unlike most toll free and DID providers that require long term contracts and complicated packages, 7G Network is simple and straight forward. There is a low monthly fee, that includes the number and bundled minutes. If more minutes are used, they’re billed at a low per-minute rate. It’s a win-win! Plus, we allow for multiple toll free and DID numbers to be added to an account, so customers can utilize a unique toll free or DID number for each of their marketing campaigns, should they desire.

As a Carrier Class service provider, 7G is positioned to support your large corporate clients with Best in Class service, a redundant nationwide network, and industry leading rates.

Move them to 7G today! You’ll be glad you did.

Partner Commissions

7G Network empowers our Partners

We provide our Partners with:

  • Payment of commissions, each month, for the life of the account,
  • Online access to your accounts,
  • Agent ID – we will pay you when new customers enter your unique ID at sign-up,
  • Industry leading customer support,
  • Additional incentives, depending on the size of the new customer

Contact Us!

Wholesale Dialer Termination, with quality routes for competitive rates in the United States and Canada. Specializing in high CPS, Short Duration Dialing and other US Call Center Traffic. Offered in LCR or low Flat Rate pricing. Nationwide footprint and Tier 1 network reliability with aggressive rates. Our fully redundant network core is designed to be highly scalable to support all voice traffic requirements. We interconnect with top Tier 1 domestic carriers to whom we can identify the least cost route traffic.You can rely on 7G Network Telecom for quality, reliability, and excellence. We welcome short duration, high CPS U.S. traffic. Through established partnerships and interconnections, 7G Network Telecom helps ILECs, CLECs, IXCs, and VoIP carriers leverage a complete suite of wholesale voice services to help them grow their business and lower overall costs.


  • Tier 1/multi-carrier network
  • Flat rate and NPA-NXX pricing
  • No short duration penalties or surcharges for incomplete calls
  • No minimums or volume commitments
  • Routing plans with high ASRs
  • 6/6 second billing for US, 1/1 International (A-Z traffic)
  • Multiple codecs available
  • No capacity restrictions
  • 24/7 in-house NOC support
  • Quick turn up, portal access, and free testing credit
  • Toll Free Origination Service: Nationwide coverage over top Tier providers.
  • SMS Enabled Toll Free (8XX) Numbers: 7G allows clients and carriers to SMS enable toll free (8XX) numbers for A2P messaging of marketing alerts and payment verification. 7G text messaging is “2-way” for bilatteral communication. Clients and carriers can communicate with their customers via text to reach Millenials and those users that prefer text messaging.
  • DID Origination Service: Local numbers in 6,800 U.S.A. rate centers and 100+ countries internationally.
  • International Toll Free Service (ITFS/UIFN): Origination service from 100+ countries.
  • SIP termination Services: US, Canada, and many international destinations.
  • International (A-Z) Routes: Many destinations like the United Kingdom, Mexico, and China.
  • Looking for our current NPANXX deck? Contact us, or view our latest rates here for US CC/Conversational traffic.

Ask us about how our network also supports inbound voice calls for your organization’s marketing team.

7G Network allows unique advertising campaigns by connecting and transferring targeted traffic that is originated by the customer.

    What our customers are saying

    "7G Network's nationwide DID service is exactly what our business has been lacking. I am very satisfied with 7G Network."

    - Ichabod M., Technology Manager

    "7G Toll Free was worth a fortune to my company."

    Tomasina I., E-Commerce Business Owner

    "It's the perfect solution for our business. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from 7G Toll Free."  

    - Percival I., Online Retailer