Transfer To 7G

Transferring your Local or Toll Free number to 7G Network is easy! Just download and complete the forms below, then fax or email them back to us. We’ll start working on it right away.

To have the number added to your existing 7G Network account, simply write your account number at the top of the LOA form.

Required Forms

Letter of Agency Form (LOA)

Complete the applicable LOA form to authorize 7G Network to provide service for your number(s). There are two types of LOA forms. If you are transferring a LOCAL number (United States only), use the Local LOA form. For TOLL FREE numbers, use the Toll Free LOA form.

7G Network Service Application

The 7G Service Application is only required if you do not already have a 7G Network account.

Copy of Your Phone Bill

Include a copy of your most recent phone bill showing the Toll Free or Local number(s) that you wish to transfer, along with your name and address. Your current service provider requires this information to match the information on the LOA form.

Please Note:

7G Network starts working your order as quickly as possible. However, transferring a number can take 3-5 business days, depending on how quickly your current provider releases the number. Your service should not be interrupted during this process.

7G Network offers the ability to expedite the transfer and will attempt to complete it within 1-2 business days, for a $40 charge. Transferred Local numbers could take over a month to port.

What our customers are saying

"7G Network's nationwide DID service is exactly what our business has been lacking. I am very satisfied with 7G Network."

- Ichabod M., Technology Manager

"7G Toll Free was worth a fortune to my company."

Tomasina I., E-Commerce Business Owner

"It's the perfect solution for our business. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from 7G Toll Free."  

- Percival I., Online Retailer