About 7G Network

About 7G Network

Founded in 2013, 7G Network is your innovative communications provider. We provide telecommunications services for our business customers, whether that’s needed for calls next door or across the globe. As a VoIP communications provider, 7G brings you instant access to our enormous domestic and international inventory of toll free and local telephone numbers (TFNs and DIDs).

7G Network is a trusted partner for all of our customers, who rely on us for their vital business operations. By providing both domestic and international toll free and local phone numbers, we keep their customers happy by providing a local presence.

7G has built a Tier-1 grade network that supports carriers, call centers, and businesses alike. Utilizing superior design and technology, 7G Network delivers millions of calls reliably, every day, all around the world, at industry leading rates. These services are all supported by customer portal features that allow access to service analytics and reports, customer account and service modifications, and tools for moving more of your services to our trusted network.

7G Network’s reliability is not only based on our service up-time and our network hardware redundancy within our Network Operation Center itself, but also by the fact that 7G Network has Network Operation Centers on the East and West coast (Los Angeles and New Jersey). This provides our valued customers with peace of mind that, should there be a network outage or natural disaster, services will remain active and calls will go through.

7G Network supports our customers with superior customer service, industry leading rates, and excellent quality of service. These three items are what set 7G Network apart from other carriers and, from your first 7G contact, you’ll understand and appreciate the 7G difference.

Contact us today and let us show you the remarkable difference 7G Network can make with your business.

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7G Network has activated new SMS-MMS Messaging services (texting) for our carrier clients. Retail services will be activated this year. SMS-MMS services includes A2P Messaging using toll free numbers (8xx) for marketing alerts and payment verifications. 7G has active mobile applications for P2P messaging (2-way texting) between App users and with other mobile devices.

7G has two SMPP servers for redundant SMS-MMS Messaging. SMPP server use software version 3.4 and API signaling is also available.

What our customers are saying

"7G Network's nationwide DID service is exactly what our business has been lacking. I am very satisfied with 7G Network."

- Ichabod M., Technology Manager

"7G Toll Free was worth a fortune to my company."

Tomasina I., E-Commerce Business Owner

"It's the perfect solution for our business. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from 7G Toll Free."  

- Percival I., Online Retailer